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How to Build Resilience

Resilience is a skill; it can be learned and strengthened.


This experiential daylong provides practical tools to protect against burn-out, handle stress, and increase inner stability. Drawing on practices from Buddhist meditation, Nonviolent Communication, and trauma healing, we will explore a range of methods for building resilience: somatic, cognitive, emotional, and relational.

The day will include guided meditations, silent reflection, inquiry, movement, and writing. Participants will gain a greater understanding of their own strengths and challenges with resilience, as well as develop a personalized resilience toolkit.

The teachings are appropriate for therapists and other healthcare professionals, and are applicable in therapeutic settings as well as for personal care.  Continuing Education Units are available for therapists, nurses, and psychologists licensed in the state of California.

Sliding Scale: $75 - 200

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain three components of the autonomic nervous system and how they function together;
  • Describe at least three methods to regulate the nervous system;
  • Explain how mindfulness practices can reduce emotional reactivity;
  • Utilize mindfulness practices to reduce reactive mind states and develop responsive mind states so as to reduce emotional exhaustion;
  • Detect beliefs and habits that may undermine your effectiveness and deplete your energy;
  • Identify specific physical, emotional, or relational self-care goals, in order to increase your well-being, sustain energy, and care-providing capacity.