Mindful Healthcare

What we do

Mindful Healthcare provides trainings in mindfulness, communication, and resiliency for the healthcare community.

We offer practical tools to:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Enhance collaboration

  • Improve patient satisfaction


Our Mission

We believe that the inner life and well-being of clinicians and caregivers is an essential foundation for healing, patient satisfaction, and effective teamwork.

We are committed to supporting the healthcare community with the inner and interpersonal tools to provide high quality, effective, client-centered care.


Who We Serve

Our private trainings are custom designed to suit the specific needs of your team. Public workshops are open to all in the healthcare field and helping professions, including: clinicians, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, nutritionists, alternative healthcare providers,  social workers, chaplains, therapists, and life coaches.


“We live in a time when science is validating what humans have known throughout the ages: that compassion is not a luxury; it is a necessity for our well-being, resilience, and survival.”

— Joan Hallifax


Our Trainings


We provide general public and customized private trainings to help clinicians and teams thrive.



With over 35 years of combined training, we bring a practical and accessible approach to mindfulness meditation. Based in emerging neuroscience, we share techniques to increase focus, mental clarity, self-awareness and emotion regulation. 


Drawing on the insights of compassion training and trauma-informed practices, our workshops in resilience provide robust tools for individuals and teams to grow their inner resources. 


We integrate mindfulness with the tools of the internationally recognized method of Nonviolent Communication to offer powerful practices to improve patient satisfaction, enhance workplace collaboration, and sharpen clinical skills.

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Realize your Potential

“The habits of our lives have a powerful momentum that propels us toward the moment of our death. The obvious question arises: What habits do we want to create? Our thoughts are not harmless. Thoughts manifest as actions, which in turn develop into habits, and our habits ultimately harden into character. Our unconscious relationship to thoughts can shape our perceptions, trigger reactions, and predetermine our relationship to the events of our lives.”

— Frank Ostaseski


The skill of paying attention in a balanced,  open and curious  way.

mindful Communication

The process of creating mutual understanding through awareness.


The capacity to recover quickly from stress or difficulty.