Mindful Healthcare

Essential Skills . . .


“Oren and Evan are providing training in the most essential skills that I think any healthcare practitioner can have. It’s absolutely key in our practice as healthcare professionals.”

— Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac
Integrative Medicine Expert & Author of Your Personal Paleo Code



“The skills developed during this training have been extremely valuable in both my professional and personal interactions, and essential supports to both my clinical and administrative duties. It’s been extraordinarily helpful in de-escalating situations, as well as in commonplace clinical interactions. I can’t recommend these highly beneficial trainings enough.”

— Dr. Michael Aanavi, PhD., L.Ac
Clinical Psychologist, Licenced Acupuncturist, & Author of The Trusting Heart

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An enormous impact . . .

“The combination of mindfulness and communication skills in this course has dramatically shifted how I engage in conversation.  I’ve learned how to be more present in my listening and my speaking, which has had and will continue to have an enormous impact on my life in both my personal and professional relationships. ”

— Dr. Patricia L. Huertas, M.D.
Emergency Medical Doctor and Clinical Consultant

. . . More compassion


“The net results in my clinical practice have been more compassion, a greater understanding of my clients needs and the ability to meet them with empathic listening.  This [training] has also greatly helped my skill as a clinical teacher allowing me to be aware of when my own self limiting qualities such as judgements and opinions were in my way of fairly treating everyone and thus limiting my ability to be present for all my student.”

— Don Rainville, CRNA, L.Ac